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Kozienice power plant – block no. 8, 200 [MW] power

Dismantling work, preparatory and assembly work for block transformer TB-8 and own need transformers TR-3 and TR-4.

Stalowa Wola power plant

Delivery, manufacture, installation, connection and start-up of the ICA systems for the EBA 10 line of the unloading and biomass transport system. The design of local connections and system relationships together with the control algorithms for the DCS by Emerson.

Zerań (Warszawa) cogeneration plant

Upgrade of the no longer manufactured and maintained S5 control unit by Siemens at the cogeneration plant to corresponding new S7 units for all production units.

Kozienice power plant (Rafako S. A.)

Design, installation and start-up of the electrofilter for block 3, 200 [MW].

Thermal plant Łężańska Krosno

Construction of a cogeneration block for thermal heat (6.8 MWt) and electric energy (1.255 MWe) fired with biomass.

Bielsko-Biała cogeneration plant

Execution start-up, trial run and transfer into use of the external coal supplementation scheme as part of the reconstruction of the production ability at the plant - construction of a production block with 50 [MW] power working together with Bielsko-Biała cogeneration plant 1.

Gas administration entity KSG

Construction of an administrative and office building for KSG sp. z o. o. in Tarnów at Bandrowskiego 14 with the technical segment.

Wrocław cogeneration plant

ICA electric design, execution, programming and start-up of the digital control and visualisation scheme, for acceptance, unloading, storage and biomass addition.

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